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    Technical Translation - A Matter of Safety

    Technical Translation - A Matter of Safety

    The translation of technical documentation should always be done by professionals. This article explains why.

    When a company plans to expand to a foreign market, there are several things to think about – distribution, pricing in the foreign currency and localization of the products, just to name a few.

    Localization includes not only adaption of the product to the foreign culture, but also translation of all user information and technical documentation. We all know user manuals where the technical translation has been performed by a machine – they are good for a laugh, but usually not suitable to make us familiar with the product, its functions and handling.

    Good technical translation can be a lot of effort – generally, you should always invest just as much time and money into the translation of your documents as you did into the original copywriting. That means that the technical translation is performed by a native speaker of the target language who not only has a degree in linguistics, but also in his field of specialization – which may be telecommunications, software engineering or aerospace technology. A technical translator must be familiar with all legal regulations of the target country – after all, if a user is harmed while using your product, this may lead to a liability claim.

    When looking for a translation vendor, you should always be aware that specialized technical translation can not just be performed by anyone. Look for a translation agency that is ISO certified and uses native technical translators. Ask for sample CVs to make sure the translators have the technical background you need. Make sure the technical translation is proofread by a second native speaking specialist – a service that should be included in the price for the translations. Some technical translation vendors offer full localization of a product – take advantage of their knowledge and experience, especially if you are moving into a market you are not familiar with yourself.

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