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    Professional Translation Of Technical Terms By English Russian Translation
    As an example, take the name of the European Directive ATEX 94/9/EC from March 23, 1994.

    "on the approximation of the laws of the Member States concerning equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres"

    Russian translation term «protective system» is questionable here, translation of which is not available in our existing dictionaries and glossaries.


    On page 15 of these recommendations on the application of the Directive ATEX 94/9/EC read:

    3.9 Protective Systems

    Protective systems means design units, other than components, which are intended to halt incipient explosions immediately and/or limit the effective range of explosion flames and explosion pressures.

    Examples of autonomous protective systems are:
    •    flame arresters;
    •    water trough barriers;
    •    explosion relief systems (using e.g. bursting discs, vent panels, explosion doors, etc.);
    •    extinguishing barriers.

    Looking at OSH GLOSSARY ILO – CIS:

    We see that the Russian translation of the term flame arrester is огнепреградитель (м), пламеотсекатель (м); пламеотсекающее защитное устройство  и  and indeed in the НПБ 254-99 (НОРМЫ ПОЖАРНОЙ БЕЗОПАСНОСТИ 254-99) [ NPB 254-99 (FIRE SAFETY STANDARDS 254-99) ] we read «Огнепреградитель … - устройство противопожарной защиты…». Just in case look at ABBYY Lingvo 12 (dictionary applications for PC): «system» is translated in Russian as not only «система», but also as «устройство».

    In general, it is already clear that we are not talking about "системе", but again "systems" - «explosion relief systems»

    We see the following patents:

    United States Patent No.: US 6,223,473 Bl, May 1,2001 —  «An explosion relief system for a building having a wall includes an explosion relief panel substantially covering an opening in the wall ……» and further «A bottom hinged explosion relief panel 20 is provided that substantially covers an opening 22».



    United States Patent No.: 4,498,261, Feb. 12, 1985 — «A bursting disc assembly 14 is assembled between flange portions 22, 24 of pipes 21, 23 respectively. The assembly 14 comprises a forward-acting bursting disc 15, mounted between an outlet ring 16 and an inlet ring 17. Flange bolts 25 and 26 compress the assembly in an axial direction effecting seals between the components of the assembly».


    United States Patent No.: US 2008/0053527, Mar. 6, 2008 — «The panel 1 includes a rupture body 2 having suitable lines of weakness for a predetermined burst path and opening and backed by a sealing membrane 3 of suitable material and character. The rupture body 2 and sealing membrane 3 are suitably associated with clamping flanges, gaskets and the like as described below to comprise the vent panel 1».


    Read the definition (Russian) of explosion relief valve:

    "the explosive valve (relief) ... is represents a hole (window) in the explosive elements of power plants which closed membrane or suitable materials (asbestos cloth, etc.) which are easily destroyed during the explosion"


    Combustion chamber, flues of steam boilers, etc are equipped with explosive valves in accordance with the requirement of section "Safety devices of furnace and gas ducts" of "Safety Operation and Design Codes for Steam and Hot Water Boilers" (Russian equivalent of Rules For Construction Of Power Boilers of ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code), which states that "... each boiler with furnace .... .... must be equipped with explosion relief device or in Russian translation: "взрывным предохранительным устройством".

    Taking into account all that was said above and taking into account existing Russian technical terminology, we obtain the following equation:
    explosion relief system = взрывное предохранительное устройство

    protective system = защитное устройство

    This means that the correct English Russian translation of the term «protective systems» just for this directive is not "защитные системы" and even not "системы защиты". The correct translation here is "защитное устройство".

    And the name of the Directive ATEX 94/9/EC from March 23, 1994 "on the approximation of the laws of the Member States concerning equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres" in the English Russian translation will be as follows: "О сближении законов государств-участников в отношении оборудования и
    защитных устройств, предназначенных для применения в потенциально взрывоопасных средах".

                                                                                Molodets Sergey.

    Category: Technical Translation | Added by: tr (05.03.2010) | Author: Molodets Sergey E W
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